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Misty Woodland
Dormancy Project


A new book in the making.

Apathy Heavensmile

Fiction | Published 2011

The story revolves around Ikarus, an enthusiastic young poet and his passionate relationship with his fiancée. When Ikarus meets Apathy, a person born without feelings, his life changes forever.

Breeze of Eloquence

Poetry | Published 2009

This second poetry collection is divided into four chapters. Breeze of Sonnets, Breeze of Ecstasy, Breeze of Ballads and Breeze of Humor. Yes, I know I have a thing for chapters. Though I still wonder why I included an inside joke in the last chapter.

The Throne

Poetry | Published 2008


My first book and poetry collection. Many of the poems written here actually go back to my teenage years; raw and unedited. I have a strong love/hate relationship with this collection. This complex is probably the main reason why The Throne will almost never be reprinted.

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