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Who/What is Kazeh?

Kazeh is my pen name. My real name is Abdulhadi Bushehri.


What does it mean?

Answering that question would ruin the whole point.


Why not use your real name?

Imagine if Voltaire wrote under François-Marie Arouet. Not as catchy, is it?


Why put this in the home page?

Because if I got a dinar for every time I was asked these questions, I could've started my own publishing company.



Kazeh is a literary force to be reckoned with, one of which we've yet to encounter around these parts.

StudenTalk Magazine


Abdulhadi Bushehri is our western voice.

Kuwait Times


Kazeh is a prominent poet and writer.

Bazaar Magazine


Not only a poet, but an outstanding novelist.

Arab Times

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